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Hands To - Rough Music: The Hands To Library Album

Hands To - Rough Music: The Hands To Library Album
Noise, Experimental, Musique Concrète, Field Recording
  • Performer:
    Hands To
  • Title:
    Rough Music: The Hands To Library
  • Genre:
  • Style:
    Noise, Experimental, Musique Concrète, Field Recording
  • Release date:
    03 Nov 2015
  • Country:
  • Size FLAC version
    1394 mb
  • Size MP3 version
    1595 mb
  • Size WMA version
    2994 mb
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  • Record from:
    DVD, DVD-Data, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered, Special Edition, MP3


1Hands ToLive At Re-Bar, Seattle Aug 29, 1994 Side B
Engineer – Eric Lanzillotta
2Hands ToRandine6:32
3Hands ToPlastinery2:58
4Hands ToDirect Contact4:52
5Hands ToJirix4:32
6Hands ToSignal / Entry / Substructure / Vector 1 / Arena / Signal29:43
7Hands ToTTNC3:20
8 Klangfiguren
9Hands ToExtract5:52
10Hands ToEdme5:56
11Hands ToSinc4:23
12Hands ToCarnival Blades5:56
13Hands ToCull4:09
14Hands ToMX2:34
15Hands ToEwst / Taur / Craster / Alque / Ewst 2 / Scissorsound 828:06
16Hands ToHands To Lock Them Out3:06
17 Circumscription
18 Suake
19Hands ToDritter1:20
20Hands ToFeated5:23
21Hands ToFiright 25:43
22Hands ToTrack 0128:37
23Hands ToPart 0124:48
24Hands ToAudio Assault #5a4:42
25Hands ToPenny Lane Coffeehouse June 25, 198927:42
26Hands ToBends4:34
27Hands ToSonates8:25
28Hands ToTinks2:18
29Hands ToDecomposition Two3:52
30Hands ToBothum16:20
31 Vinhilation
32Hands ToMarla/Phone3:16
33Hands ToNewnds2:24
34Hands ToArtiment 228:22
35Hands ToConundrum6:13
36Hands ToRecast15:10
37Kapotte MuziekHanden (Parts 1-3)7:41
38Hands ToThe Resonant Frequency Of Decay31:49
39Hands ToCipher / Signal Hill8:50
40 Scrine
41 Flatline
42PBKBlast Lung4:54
43Hands ToTentressa8:33
44Hands ToGuerilla Jazz3:12
45 Maesh
46Hands ToSubline2:53
47Hands ToEdint2:18
48Hands ToOrchness2:41
49Hands ToRavenna 12:32
50Hands ToThe Hallery4:28
51Hands ToTrack 0227:42
52Hands ToTrack 0127:34
53Hands ToThelk4:09
54Hands ToCarnival Blades6:16
55Hands To4867-13:40
56 Anamnesis
57Hands ToGigist 9 2:42
58Hands ToCliff Dwelling (Half-Speed)7:14
59Hands ToHei2:51
60Hands ToGigist 92:27
61Hands ToIndent / Vein / Vein Structure / Crickets / Signal / Vector 2 / Vector 330:00
62Hands ToDisembody3:52
63 Tentressa
64 Rework / Odiom
65 Decesh
66Hands ToKGNU June 24, 198940:02
67Hands ToMurcle / Kpeth
Tape [Additional Material] – Das Synthetische Mischgewebe
68Hands ToBrittle3:28
69Hands ToSayaw Cleath4:54
70Hands ToChristage30:55
71Hands ToRadic 11:26
72Hands ToBrire4:20
73Hands ToBiasis1:59
74Hands ToDecay5:54
75Hands ToMose Wreck30:51
76Hands ToWhag4:24
77Hands ToAudio Assault #214:03
78Hands ToJucusts4:09
79Hands ToBoded17:53
80Hands ToEnditure2:27
81Hands ToKalaloch
Composed By – Jeph Jerman, MNortham
82Hands ToTrack 121:01
83Hands ToAudio Assault #5c3:54
84Hands ToTheophagia /|| Yunwi Tsundi29:57
85Hands ToGolden Cycle Refinery Ruins 112:30
86Hands ToSkaw11:47
87Hands ToHands To Mark Time6:57
88Hands ToAntart4:02
89Hands ToLive 2 At Worner Center, Colorado College - Track 0331:00
90Hands ToTibetan Hell Game3:30
91Hands ToRemembering 25:39
92Hands ToSethube1:36
93Hands ToWail3:30
94 Catalogue Of Abuse
95 Aggresh
96Hands ToHeone Trach14:46
97Hands ToNones4:30
98Hands ToFirad8:17
99 Croatoan
100 Cipher
101 Oldage
102Hands ToEaul0:38
103Hands ToLive 1 At Worner Center, Colorado College31:02
104Hands ToFretuse
Featuring [Sounds] – Frans de Waard
105Hands ToIngress
Composed By – Jeph Jerman
106 Cicuye
107Hands ToGigist3:42
108Hands ToTrack 150:45
109Hands ToCompuc4:27
110Hands ToThubes4:44
111Hands ToBilliday2:34
112Hands ToBliset4:49
113Hands ToOire0:27
114Hands ToEdit2:50
115Hands ToSmithsound2:14
116Hands ToRefined / Embody8:26
117Hands ToLuce2:43
118Hands ToGamelon - Oct. 198410:37
119Hands ToGolden Cycle Refinery Ruins 239:28
120Hands ToMastic4:30
121Hands ToResf5:06
122Hands ToArtiment3:05
123Hands ToFircast3:53
124Hands ToCardius18:20
125Hands ToRadic 21:55
126Hands ToThe Earth Reclaims, And Reclamation Spreads27:00
127Hands ToTrack 095:38
128Hands ToDecomposition Five2:17
129Hands ToAddenda3:46
130Hands ToTrack 036:07
131Hands ToSalivicid3:21
132 Chamaco
133Hands ToTrack 102:19
134Hands ToWkdy5:33
135 Körperlaute
136 Hoast
137Hands ToTrack 020:35
138 Htag
140 Reclamation
141Hands ToTechback8:02
142Hands ToPrayer 6:04
143Hands ToMerdian2:32
144Hands ToWhisten10:25
145Hands ToDegenach 12:21
146Hands ToSheathe5:54
147Hands ToDeceleration15:55
148Hands ToMetal0:29
149Hands ToStoice3:54
150Hands ToLinks That Divide4:23
151Hands ToPhone Call1:42
152 Q'Ojfa
153Hands ToRtrs6:01
154Hands ToPurder5:29
155Hands ToLive At Re-Bar, Seattle Aug 29, 1994 Side A
Engineer – Ray Robbins
156Hands ToAcceleration1:30
157Hands ToTeisco3:07
158Hands ToLangson3:03
159 Bldr
160Hands ToTrack One31:03
161Hands ToScarnette7:33
162Hands ToAssan / Poec5:21
163Hands ToGround Feedback8:44
164Hands ToBedet2:49
165Hands ToSheder4:54
166 Invesh
167Hands ToDebilt3:32
168Hands ToExust4:05
169 SFO
170Hands ToWottle5:28
171Hands ToStolk3:00
172Hands ToAudio Assault #45:33
173Hands ToScrass3:01
174Hands ToRust5:08
175Hands ToTassettes4:47
176 Christage
177Hands To9391/1213913:23
178Hands ToAtoll3:19
179Hands ToDecomposition Three3:52
180Hands ToEnclast1:11
181Hands ToJimmy/Jim/SFO12:45
182 Recast
183Hands ToTrack Two30:55
184Hands ToSland5:50
185Hands ToCicuye28:08
186Hands ToX2 (Reprise)25:03
187Hands ToDisnal5:46
188Hands ToGeopol4:39
189 Fingers Breath
190Hands ToMam-A-Gah 8:15
191Hands ToTampling5:09
192Hands ToThraal4:15
193Hands ToRilo4:34
194 Neumes
195Hands ToVagog3:38
196Hands ToAudio Assault #110:49
197Hands ToVomitorium8:45
198 Ingress
199Hands ToLV NDR WLL5:46
200Hands ToRecache3:56
201Hands ToMedict3:59
202Hands ToThrx7:01
203Hands ToSubterfuge - Sept. 198440:26
204Hands ToStroam2:56
205Hands ToFingers Breath3:49
206 Audio Assaults Two
207Hands ToManson3:14
208Hands ToTios5:08
209Hands ToWescame7:40
210 Hands To Turn My Hands To
211Hands ToGlaves3:17
212Hands To---4:31
213 Do Not Touch Them
214Hands ToSpones3:02
215Hands ToMachong3:12
216Hands ToDo Not Touch Them2:38
217Hands ToHoast30:06
218Hands ToPasits7:51
219Hands ToWiss4:50
220Hands ToPerilomes10:00
221Hands ToEVB2:08
222Hands ToTrack 116:27
223Hands ToDistance Signal2:37
224Hands ToIncindiaries1:15
225Hands ToFock2:09
226Hands ToFor Harry4:12
227Hands ToDecomposition Four16:49
228Hands ToRecant3:31
229Hands ToAnisc8:16
230Hands ToLuru2:30
231 Nazha
232Hands ToPrayer /|| Marling Spike27:38
233Hands ToCannon Dogs (Crash)2:46
234Hands ToISU/BG6:29
235Hands ToRassettes4:49
236 Ewst
237Hands ToTrack 131:25
238Hands ToTheophagia 9:01
239Hands ToNC3:32
240Hands ToBiasis 216:30
241Hands ToChild Rapist/Kids4:53
242Hands ToMerdiest3:32
243Hands ToRhythex3:59
244 Audio Assaults One
245 Artiment
246Hands ToHeathing5:08
247Hands ToHrum3:34
248Hands ToTrack 070:59
249Hands ToTater 1:36
250 Mose Wreck
251Hands ToX217:35
252Hands ToO Canada1:59
253Hands ToEntropy2:12
254Hands ToGrll4:44
255Hands ToTind4:25
256Hands ToPsychic Vents3:36
257Hands ToLung Organ4:12
258Hands ToArcade Toxins4:37
259Hands ToEnplate3:32
260Hands ToScissorsound 5 / Inrec / Scrmbl 2 / Deathrattle / Mach / Oldage
Featuring [Sounds] – Abo Mastered By – Paul Brekus
261Hands ToScissorsound5:49
262Hands ToCliff Dwelling3:38
263Hands ToChamaco6:46
264Hands ToAudio Assault #319:51
265Hands ToCardience3:33
266Hands ToAudio Assault #5b4:34
267Hands ToMedium 210:24
268Hands To4867-23:32
269 Turn Back The Sun
270Hands ToRerest2:03
271Hands ToFearath5:31
272Hands ToNeumes5:30
274Hands ToSpandle8:44
275Hands ToTesh4:05
276Hands ToDebra1:20
277Hands ToRecape0:40
278Hands ToSuake4:07
279Hands ToGigist 23:08
280Hands ToTrack 063:01
281 Naahondzond (The Fearing Time)
282Hands ToDirect Abuse14:06
283Hands ToTrack 042:53
284Das Synthetische MischgewebeLes Bruits Et Les Interférences4:59
285Hands ToWemand5:24
286Hands ToRavenna 24:28
287Hands ToGorsic5:48
288Hands ToDecomposition One8:18
289Hands ToNellitin3:07
290Hands ToTrack 141:47
291Hands ToSecast2:19
292Hands ToWodice/FLP6:15
293Hands ToTrack 053:40
294Hands ToSpundle Mished4:14
295Hands ToTrack 083:59
296Hands ToDecex6:25
297Hands ToJowcol2:46
298Hands ToApt 211:01
299Hands ToHeat4:34
300Hands ToSpetal / Boet / Calciate8:05
301Hands ToGnastic5:35
302Hands ToKin Tozo 4:19
303Hands ToBructure2:11
304Hands ToLisound2:21
305Hands ToBental7:45
306Hands ToBrord3:22
307Hands ToGigist 82:37
309Hands ToEwst 34:06
310Hands ToTentressa6:58
311Hands ToTrack 0227:32
312Hands ToAfnocan5:23
313Hands ToSTRM0:22
314Hands ToVacant3:47
315Hands ToGigist 73:46
316Hands ToYaponcha28:36
317 Eurean Recant
318Hands ToScramble3:45
319 Egress
320Hands ToEurean6:37
321Hands ToFover3:49
322Hands ToDin3:07
323Hands ToTien Steth / Metation / Scissorsound 10 / Becath / Scroove (Vinhilation)
Electronics [Sounds & Manipulations] – Jeph JermanMixed By, Producer – Dan Burke
324Hands ToPlathers5:25
325Hands ToJupitter-Larsen3:35
326Hands ToBreeth7:43
327Hands ToMilass3:05
328Hands ToPractical Demonology (Excerpts) - Oct. 198317:21
329Hands ToPart 0224:37
330Hands ToManicords3:26
331Hands ToHands To Turn My Hands To47:53
332Hands ToTien Steth / Sones / Becath / Triff / Qrtavd / Sicktone29:00
333Hands ToTibetan Hell Game - July 198418:43
334Hands ToApt 10:25
335Hands ToNational Anthem Of China1:35
336Hands ToLoff3:33
337 Myasic
338Hands ToAudio Assault #62:05
339Hands ToMedium 15:49
340 Hands To The Task
341Hands ToRptr2:26
342Hands ToMachex5:04
343Hands ToSlabst3:50
344Hands ToBight2:24
345Hands ToSFO36:00
346Hands ToSletan3:00
347Hands ToAscrat2:56
348Hands ToRecant 22:40
349Hands ToMilpic2:00
350MerzbowMerzbow Transformed Hands To8:10
351Hands ToScissor Hail4:57
352Hands ToShort5:27
353Hands ToIt Hinges2:16
354Hands ToThurther5:30
355Hands ToCoytens1:37
356Hands ToLorm4:18
357Hands ToOppenheimer2:51
358Hands ToScrmbl 35:02
359Hands ToVemicide1:43
360Hands ToCross-Talk3:24
361Hands ToSonic Cartography Of Apartment1:46
362Hands ToBel Ma2:40
363Hands ToTurisk7:33
364PBKMetal Fume Fever6:07
365Hands ToFiright 14:50
366Hands ToDecex 25:24
367Hands ToRegeneration 4:55
368Hands ToSonora4:08
369Hands ToPlasper4:03
370Hands ToTrack 017:41
371Hands ToMoll3:54
372Hands ToErone2:57
373Hands ToBone Chant2:09
374Hands ToTright3:49
375Hands ToSalivones7:56
376Hands ToHysterical Rubber1:23
377Hands ToScrine4:16
378Hands ToBomach4:54
379Hands ToDegenach 23:01
380Hands ToScrmbl 23:43
381 Recesh


CategoryArtistTitle (Format)LabelCategoryCountryYear
noneHands To Rough Music: The Hands To Library ‎(DVDr, DVD-D, Comp + CDr, CD-ROM)AARCnoneUS2006
FN025-FN070Hands To Rough Music: The Hands To Library ‎(DVD-D, Comp, Ltd, Num, MP3)Forced NostalgiaFN025-FN070Belgium2018
FN025-FN070Hands To Rough Music: The Hands To Library ‎(DVD-D, Comp, Ltd, Num, MP3)Forced NostalgiaFN025-FN070Belgium2015


  • Compiled By [Assembling]John Exby
  • Compiled By [Assembling], Edited ByFré De Vos
  • DesignWaldo De Groote
  • FeaturingGeorge Ericson (tracks: 1 to 9), Jeph Jerman (tracks: 1 to 9), Mark Ackerman (tracks: 1 to 9), Robin Boutilier (tracks: 1 to 9), Steve Beckner (tracks: 1 to 9), Tom Ray (tracks: 1 to 9)
  • Featuring [Sounds]Das (tracks: 133, 135), John Hudak (tracks: 133, 135), PBK (tracks: 133, 135)
  • Liner NotesAram Yardumian
  • Other [Assistance] – Al Margolis, Lance Barton (tracks: 124, 125), Ben Gilbert (tracks: 124, 125, 285, 286, 301, 302), Charles Barbour, Kent Dix, Tom Ray (tracks: 177 to 180), Darren Soule, Eric Lanzillotta, George Ericson (tracks: 285, 286), Dave Clark (tracks: 285, 286, 301, 302), Eleanor Gallagher (tracks: 289, 290, 301, 302, 305 to 315), Jay Ewell, Lauren Swain (tracks: 301, 302), Patrick Barber, Ron Mayo (tracks: 305 to 314)
  • Tape [Additional Material]Jeph Jerman (tracks: 334, 335)
  • Tape [Raw Material]Akifumi Nakajima (tracks: 301, 302), Das Synthetische Mischgewebe (tracks: 273, 275), Eric Lanzillotta (tracks: 301, 302), Hands To (tracks: 276 to 281), Jill Brand (tracks: 334, 335), Kapotte Muziek (tracks: 270, 275), Merzbow (tracks: 272, 275), PBK (tracks: 271, 275), Patrick Barber (tracks: 301, 302), S.B.O.T.H.I. (tracks: 274, 275), Steve Brand (tracks: 334, 335), Steve Johnson (tracks: 301, 302)
  • Tape [Raw Material], Mixed By, Mastered ByJeph Jerman (tracks: 301, 302)
  • Trumpet [Tape]Michael Moynihan (tracks: 102 to 106)


This DVD contains the entire catalogue of Hands To works, originally released on cassette, vinyl or compact disc between 1986 and 1997 + folder with scans of original artwork. It was self-released by the artist in 2006 in an edition of 17 copies.

Special limited edition (#21 copies) containing manual etched print listing name of pre-orderer.


  • Matrix / Runout: clowns are only funny in their own circus


  • Distributed By – Forced Noisetalgia
  • Copyright (c) – Jeph Jerman
  • Phonographic Copyright (p) – Forced Nostalgia