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Moodymann - Untitled Album

Moodymann - Untitled Album
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    2 × Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Album, Limited Edition




Announced for June 2018, this album will never be released at the request of Moodymann. It is only given out by himself to a selected few.

A1: Samples Leela James - Music
B2: Samples Angie Stone - Wish I Didn’t Miss you
C2: Samples Fleetwood Mac - Brown Eyes


  • Matrix / Runout: Trutone Mastering NY Carl 1-18


one of these untitled tracks has been released as Pitch Black City Reunion here https://www.discogs.com/Moodymann-Pitch-Black-City-Reunion/release/11784582
What a tease. Get those stockings off you face, put your skates on and take a ride to the pressing plant. Now Kenny. Now
Kenny just release this ffs every time there’s a Moodymann release I’m a day or two late to the party, it’s sold out and everyone’s selling their copy for an arm and a leg.
If anyone would be interesting in selling this record, please message me. Kind regards
There's no way Kenny will never put this out "properly", a couple of fans/DJ's who got a copy on Insta have said how amazing it is, I know Kenny likes his stuff to be elusive, but this is ridiculous :-)
Will this album be available (even digitally) at anytime ?
melody of you
no. it. won't.
In his video for "I'll Provide", released on the eve of Movement 2019 during which he released an altogether different double pack, you can see KDJ literally throw multiple copies of these in the trash. Seen here for any masochistic Moody fan: https://youtu.be/Scu-s1_hHas?t=160
hahahahaha. Discogs says I must enter at least 2 more words
You can see clearly that is only the covers. Not records.. pure hype
ID on the trash container? Looking for the next plane to Detroit to do some dumpster diving.
gilles peterson on instagram : i met up with moodymann last week and he told me there are only gonna be 300 copies of this!
from earth
Haven't seen this posted yet, so I'll share: KDJ was at Andrés & Nancy Gavoor's birthday party on January 10 at Detroit's Marble Bar, and he easily gave away an entire box to friends and fans in the audience.
Woah, that’s good of him, judging by the (lack of) copies sold of this, people must have held onto them, good on ‘em!
Why’s this release listed if only available to a few of Kenny’s pals?For sure it creates interest but at the same time has the opposite effect. Gotta be careful people are fickle, and there’s plenty other good shit out there.Don’t be misled!!!
what a show for this album! ! ! ! !
Right now, I hate myself so much for loving him. Hope it's gonna get ripped soon.
Hey Kenny ..someone ...do us a WAV ? :) Xxx
Haha. This thread of comments is great. Sure I'd love a new album but at the end of the day dudes free to do what he want with his music. Resellers are free to toss it up here for a quick buck. Personally id keep it. Fans of KDJ come in all forms. Somebody's got the cash to buy this. More power to them. Still got respect for the man. No matrer what hes still holding it down for the scene and putting out quality tracks. Cant be mad at that. Definitely cant be hurt i wasnt given a chance to buy it. However this whole situation turns out(marketing ploy, licensing issues, etc) I'm down for the ride and im sure it'll be fun Whether its his doing or "sleuth" work from discogs comment section PI's.On another note those sample from YouTube sound fantastic
In the age of social media it's getting harder to stand out. Kenny is still using his best hustle to keep people interested. The amount of comments here suggests it's still working. I'll never own this, but it takes nothing from his legacy. For my ears, it's still all about the stuff he did in the late 90s. I do dig the new output but it's all fun and games from Kenny. Guy seems to have lost interest in selling a record without some nonsense going on.
i don't buy the hype on this. Theres NO WAY he would come this far while he is still touring around the globe and have a ready-made album to just "giveaway" to a fan and not pursue its distribution. it doesn't add up, Kenny is a teaser and it doesn't surprise me with that comment.
Not sure, he's one of the few people to not go back and repress his catalogue. Yeah, it's time and effort, but if he released 1000 copies how much money is that really compared to playing gigs? 2 gigs worth maybe? I can see it. He's not like everyone else, he's always walked his path. Ampapella was only ever given out at gigs. Wasn't it?
Any chance it's a licensing/sample issue? I'm pretty sure i heard Fleetwood Mac on there too.
Would love to know where all the samples are from. It's growing on me more and more. It's not overly housey on the whole. Definitely not his best work. But still very Moodymann. Snoop Dogg is on there somewhere too. I think it's a licensing thing.
Yea this are the real fans...:D selling the shit out of it.
Did the €450 sell or just taken of??I’ve still got my fingers crossed this is all hype and Moodymann is enjoying the tension/angst/disappointment from us all not having a copy. I’m sure he’ll release it but it’s got to now be a damn fine album with all this going on.
I went to zürich and basel one week after and I didn't see him handing out copies
it looks like just taken of - now we see 650 and next one for sure 900 - and so on.I can`t beliefe it`s true that Moodymann will not release this Album.don`t get crazy - patience is needed... anyone went to redbull music festival Zürich? does he gave his Album to people there?
Wants to give it to the fans. The fans sell it on Discogs for 450.If he really wanted to give it to the fans, he would just offer it as a free download.
It’s been a long time coming but Da Brotha from the D is now officially taking the piss. I’ve been consistently purchasing KDJ records since 1995 and this is the first release I will happily and willingly pass. I’m looking at you Kenny Boy, wanna make a strong statement? Leverage today’s technologies and platforms and release your music for free and not for the Discogs opportunists. #Kennystolemyvinyle
I was present at the Rex Club in Paris for the Red Bull Music Festival: Moodymann Plays Prince. And Moodymann actually gave his new album to only one person who had on him a t-shirt with his effigy. As a fan since 1994, I unfortunately did not wear my t-shirt "Det.riot '67 ", so no album. I was hoping that I could catch up with it by buying it at the online record stores. And to read all the previous message, it can not be done. What a desappointment !!!
kenny gave a few copys to his fans at the three chairs concert in london a few weeks ago.
Any news? Updates? ... Did a quick Google search for 'Sarah Baralinge' (who posted the message below and who claims to have a copy), and it seems to be a medieval-era English name, with no contemporary matches! Also 'Sarah Baralinge' only joined Discogs on Oct 31, 2018 in order to post that message on Nov 1, 2018! Seems fishy to me! ... But that is what it has come down to! i.e. Conspiracy theories about the release of a record! I get Moodymann's approach: i.e. press too few records, so that demand always outstrips supply. Clearly creates a buzz around every release. (For the record: I own every Moodymann record apart from two elusive 12"s!) ... But IMO its starting to wear a little thin ...
So if this is true??? What’s the point in making the music but denying his fans, it’s like he’s made this album, here it is everyone but you can’t have it only the select lucky few. I’ve looked every day since June to see if it had been put up for pre-sale as we all know how limited the albums are becoming and it will just drop, no announcement, no warning just there and if you miss even a day you could miss out on it and end up paying an inflated price. I haven’t seen Moodymann in the last week but if I did I’d ask him why? You’ve gone to all the trouble of recording an album which you must be proud of as you’ve given it away. You’ve got a sleeve, a printed label everything that a release requires, so why deny your fans?? If it doesn’t get released we know all the tracks even the album will end up on white labels and that’s how we’re end up with it. I hope it gets released and I’ve just wasted an hour of my time writing this otherwise Sarah.baralinge will you go out with me?
Kenny will not release this album, it's confirmed! I was lucky to have one, very jazzy and soul, masterpiece!
Oh no, here we go again ... we've been waiting for this one for a long time! Anyone know the back story? Juno still have it listed as forthcoming. Will it get released? Is the "this album will never be released" story just hype? ... Trying to buy Moodymann records these days is basically a competitive sport!
It's hard not to be a little sceptical, I fell for the The Parrish Sketches record and forked out a lot for it and it got released. It's hard to be convinced anything said now is concrete.
I also read that, but I'm not convinced! ... Let's see what unfolds in the coming days, weeks, months!
MJH1964 Oh no, here we go again ... we've been waiting for this one for a long time! Anyone know that back story? Juno still have it listed as forthcoming. Will it get released? Is the "this album will never be released" story just hype? ... Trying to buy Moodymann records these days is basically a competitive sport! It was planned for June ... But Moodymann preferred to keep it and give it to a few people
Unfortunately that's right, I was with Moodymann a week ago. He will not release this album ...
...and not even opened it ? Yeah... sure !! I'm looking forward for this one again. Like everybody does !!! WHATUPDOE !!
...Given to some lucky guys, one who has already put his copy up for sale for EU450, the ungrateful swine!